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Post Graduate

• Master of Commerce (M.COM)
• Course duration – 2 years
• Affiliated to Deen Dayal University Gorakhpur

About M.COM

M.Com is a postgraduate degree focusing on commerce, management and economics related subjects. The curriculum is concentrated on one subject area such as accounting, economics, finance or marketing. With an M.Com, you can apply for jobs in all industries in accounting and finance including Banks, Investment Banks, Equity Research and Advisory companies, Mutual Funds, Stock broking firms etc. It will help to do a professional course in Finance to improve your prospects such as, CFA, ICWA etc. You can also explore jobs in financial journalism with leading newspapers, television channels and business magazines. If you are inclined towards teaching , you could pursue a B.Ed or appear for the UGC-NET Exams for lecturership.

Under Graduate

• Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)
• Course duration – 3 years
• Affiliated to Deen Dayal University Gorakhpur

About B.COM

B.Com degree is structured to provide the students managerial skills in disciplines related to commerce. Also, by the end of the program, students gain an in-depth knowledge on core subjects like accounting, law, statistics, finance, marketing just to name a few. A student holding a B.Com Degree is well prepared to sustain as a corporate employee or as an entrepreneur. The student has adequate knowledge of adapting to the changes in the flexible business world, can focus internationally and has an in-depth understanding of the business world’s market-relevant aspects. On the other hand, if the student chooses to start his/her own business, he/she can run it successfully and professionally without having to pay to expert accountants or market consultants.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

• Course duration – 3 years
• Affiliated to Deen Dayal University Gorakhpur

About B.C.A.

BCA course gives you in depth knowledge about computers. Networking, computer fundamentals, operating systems, programming languages such as C,C++,C#,.Net,Java and many more. BCA covers all the important topics which are related with computers. The utmost advantage of doing a BCA course is that you learn programming/ how to code in different programming languages. You develop a understanding and think about projects, application development with a logical perspective. BCA gives you a pretty good platform to show up your potential.